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Here are a list of football betting tips that you should follow if you are going to be wagering on NFL games throughout the season:

  1. Go for the Whole Season
    What you want to do is shoot for making a profit over the course of a whole season. Don’t try to make a killing one week, but rather grind out a steady profit over the course of the NFL season.

  2. Set your Bankroll Amount
    Set the amount you plan to bet over the entire NFL football season. Then bet around 5% of your bankroll amount on each game. This will give you stability and help against losing streaks.

  3. Do your Homework
    Successful and profitable sports betting takes homework. Make sure you study all the stats and trends of the teams you wish to wager on. You should gather as much statistical information as possible. Most of what you need is available on the Internet.

  4. A Win Last Week Is Not One This Week
    Be very careful about liking a team because of its performance the previous week. Oddsmakers will observe this and adjust the line accordingly.

  5. Motion Creates Emotion
    Emotion can play a huge factor especially in the NFL. Having the home team advantage can make all the difference in a NFL game. Also expect a team coming off a road loss to play extremely well.

  6. Make your own odds
    When selecting your picks for the week you should make your own odds for the games you like. Establish your own betting lines for these games and wager on those based on how they are different from the sportsbook’s posted lines.

  7. Never use the Public as a Handicapper
    If everybody else is betting someone you should bet the other side. Sportsbooks make money from the public all betting certain numbers. If the public is on one side usually you should take the other.

  8. Huddles not Hunches
    Never follow emotion or hunches. These are absolutely useless to the profitable sports gambler. Always go by your stats and homework and not your emotions.

  9. When In Doubt
    When in doubt bet the dog. Simple as that. Although you can make a lot of money betting favorites, if you are totally undecided, you should bet the underdog.

  10. Limit your Plays
    You should limit your weekly plays to somewhere between 5 and 7 games. This will allow you to have accurate picks as well as keep track of your records better as well.

  11. Find The Best Odds and Betting Lines
    Finding accurate odds is as important a factor as any. You must make sure you get absolute best line out there for you betting dollar. With all the sportsbooks and casinos around the odds will vary greatly. We have provided you with current odds from a couple sportsbooks we consider to be the absolute best.

  12. Don't Worry about Streaks
    Never increase your bets when you are on a losing streak. On the other hand don’t be afraid to increase a little if you are having a good month.

  13. Never Get Mad
    Never bet because you are mad and want to get back at your sportsbook. Also, never bet with your emotions. Use your head and not your heart.

  14. Never Chase Your Dollars
    Many gamblers will chase their money all the way to the Monday night game. Don’t do this. If you are down for the weekend and don’t like the Monday night game then so be it. Better to wait for your next week’s wagers.

If you follow these simple rules, you should be able to survive the entire season without going broke. This is by no means going to guarantee that you win money overall. Consider that the sportsbooks take on average a 10% juice. You have to win over 53% of the time in order to make any money. Simply going 50/50 as if you were flipping a coin is going to lose money in the long run. Getting to 55% and making some cash can be done with persistence and discipline.

If you would like to find more information about betting on the NFL, take a look at You can learn which sportsbooks offer the best lines and find more helpful information such as depositing information and explanations of the different types of bets.