An Overview on Rummy

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What is rummy? Rummy is a large family of card games whose game play, basically, is to match similar playing cards. The term “rummy” is often substituted for the term “gin rummy” which is a specific card game under the large set of games labeled as “rummy”. Some games that are classified as “rummy” are mah jong and canasta.

Rummy Terms

Rummy-style card games have a general framework that is quite easy to follow. Basic rummy terms are books, deal, melding, laying off, discarding, the end of the stock, going out, and “rummy”. A book is a set of any three cards having the same rank or number or any three consecutive cards that are of the same suit. This is a widely used pattern for all card game players; however, some other card games allow four cards or wild cards, and forming these sets of cards is called “melding”. Regarding deals in rummy, in two player games, each player gets ten cards, but in three to four player games, each gets seven cards, while in five to six player games each player gets six cards.

Playing Rummy

Basically, to play rummy, a player gets a card from the deck or from the discard pile to form their books or to “meld” their cards. At each turn, a player is required to discard one card from his or her hand and put it on the discard pile. Players may also lay off on other player’s sequences or books. This means that a player, on his or her turn, may add another card to other player’s books as long as it can be considered as a part of that book. For example, if the book consists of three aces, another player can put another ace there, or if the book consists of a two, three, and four of diamonds, another player can add a five of diamonds there. Once the end of stock is reached (no more cards left to pick from) the discard pile is turned over and used as a new stock. Once a player is able to meld all his cards at once, he or she may already declare rummy and go out of the game. Once a player goes out, all the other players total the values of their cards to get their score. In a nutshell, rummy is an easy to learn and a very enjoyable card game for anyone and everyone.