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If you are new to Sports Betting and are interested in starting, do not be afraid. I am here to help you. I have been doing this for about 10 years, and have had many questions and ran into many situations. I can share some of my experiences and give you some tips and advice to help you along the way.
Sports Handicapping and Sports Betting are two separate things in my opinion. I know a lot so sports bettors who bet on sporting events a lot, but do not know much about handicapping. Betting on a game does not make you a handicapper.

Handicapping involves researching teams, games, match-ups, sports betting odds, and other potential variables to give you an edge when betting on sporting events. Depending on how in-depth you get in your analysis, this can be a long and detailed process. What I am going to show you are various methods to help you handicap better and more efficiently. Thanks to the internet, there is so much free information and data available that make handicapping much faster and easier then ever before.

Here are some things that you can do to help your sports handicapping

Finding trends and analyzing matchups
The idea behind finding trends is that given certain circumstances, one team might have an advantage over the other team. Some teams just do not match up very well against specific teams or circumstances. Weeding out which ones are worth anything and which ones are garbage will take some practice. I have more info here at my sports trends page.

Being informed
With the internet, there is a ton of info out there. There are blogs and forums for just about every team in every sport. There are also places like ESPN, Yahoo Sports, Fox Sports, SI, and way to many to list off, that have all kinds of information. If there is late breaking news, it is out there. The more you read or the more you listen, the more you will have for your arsenal. Some of it takes time, but if you are serious about this you should want to spend it. At the VERY LEAST, you should know who is sitting out or possibly out for the game prior to betting on it. For starters, visit my sports betting resource page for ideas on locations to start your research.

Become active at a sports betting forum
By far the best forum for sports handicapping I have found is Cappers Mall. There is some noise that you have to filter through, but it should not take you long to realize whose worth their weight in gold and who you should ignore. Read, post, ask questions, debate, these will all help you become more informed and a better capper.

Watch as many games as you can
Maybe this is a personal thing, but one thing that I have noticed over the years is the more that I watch a sport, the better handle I have on the teams. This year I have purchased the NBA league pass and have watched so many more NBA games then I ever have. I have seen every team probably a dozen times each, and some even more. I am having my best season yet by far and cannot wait for the playoffs.

Watching / Monitoring line movement
Lines are set at some certain time prior to the start of the game. In some sports this is the night before, and in others like football, it may be a week before the game. Between this time and the start of the game, the line will move up and down to try and even out the bets. A line movement of a half a point is fairly normal, while any movement of a point or more is significant. The more the line moves and the closer to game time this happens, the bigger the impact of the movement. Any large movement is more then likely an injury to a star player. By monitoring these lines, you can get a feel for how the betting community thinks about the games. Also, if you are watching lines you can possibly see a line movement at one sports book and bet it at the original line at another sports book. Timing is everything.

Ask questions
Sometimes the biggest stumbling block can be just being uncertain about a particular question involved with sports betting. I am here to help. If you have any questions what so ever, feel free to email me at anytime at

Being well informed is what really differentiates a good handicapper from your typical sports bettor. Hopefully you have found some new info and sources from this site, and some new ideas to research.

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