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Setting the correct bet sizes is the easiest way to limit your risk involved with betting on sports. There is no such thing as a "lock" or guaranteed winner in sports betting. My current bet size is the following:

  • Around 1-2% of my total bankroll is my normal wager
  • I never bet more then 5% of my bankroll on any single wager
  • At no time will more then 15% of my bankroll be at risk.
  • If I lose 15% in a day, I am done for the day.

The other method is to determine a “unit” size that you and your bankroll are comfortable with. This number should be close to 1-2% as well.

Starting out, I would highly suggest playing the same amount on every play to reduce some of the variance. What is variance? Lets say you have 5 games circled for tonight that you want to play. Four of them are your standard 1 unit play, and one of them you have as your NBA TOTAL LOCK GAME OF THE MILLENNIUM. It is your 5 unit play. You have the under and have 12 points to spare with 1.3 seconds left in the game. You capped the game perfectly. And then……

This used to happen to me. Go 4-1 and have a losing night because I lost my big one. Since getting away from this I have found that I have been much more consistent.

Understand that there is some luck factor when it comes to sports handicapping and all gambling, which is often referred to as variance. It works both ways though, good and bad. The point of all this is if you are a good handicapper and want to limit the luck factor, the easiest way is to bet the same amount on every game.

You are here - Home -> Sports Betting -> Proper Bet Size