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If you consider the roots of poker, you’ll never have believed that it would become the most popular card game in the whole world. Flourishing in the backwaters of the Mississippi River, Poker has rapidly reached the shores of the United Kingdom and found a great deal of players there. Indeed, Poker is now immensely popular in the whole of Europe. In fact, the European countries were among the first in the world to accept and legalize gambling, both land-based and online.

Rise of Poker’s Popularity in Europe

The game of Poker become so popular in Europe that the World Series Poker, which usually just included Americans and which originated from Las Vegas in the ‘70s, not only opted to include Europe in their scope but also decided to hold the 2007 World Series of Poker Europe Tournament in the city of London. The United Kingdom, apart from being the first venue of the World Series of Poker for Europe, was also the first major country in the world to embrace and legalize online gambling. They also created some regulations in order to enhance the gaming experience for online gamblers. Since then, several poker rooms which are operated by the British have begun to crop up. One of which is PartyGaming. PartyGaming is one of the most popular poker rooms in the world. This company became so popular that they immediately went public in 2005 and was listed in the London Stock Exchange. Even when the notorious Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of the United States was passed, PartyGaming managed to keep afloat by expanding to the other parts of Europe and to Asia. Other popular names in the history of Euro Poker rooms include Ladbrokes Poker and Betfair Poker. Even now, these companies are in operation and are actually becoming more and more successful.

Poker Games in Europe

In the United Kingdom and the other parts of Europe, there are certain variants of poker that are preferred by the general public. Thesve variants include the ever popular Texas Hold’em, the Seven Card Stud, Double Board Hold’em, Manila, and Omaha High. One of the strategies that companies in Europe employ to make their poker rooms more popular is to hold VIP tournaments and to offer several bonuses. This is one of the strategies employed by the young but already successful Red Kings Poker Company. What made them particularly popular was their 6 sign up bonus. Also, Red Kings was the first Online Poker Company to go expand to mobile gaming.