About CasinoDave

My name is Dave, and I am 36 years old. I have been married for almost 12 years now, and my boy Nate turns 7 in a few days (May 25). My real life job is as an "IT guy" for a small vehicle prototyping company. I also do IT consulting for small businesses and home offices under my own business. I have been in IT for about 8 years. I have a Bachelor's in IT, and am a proud Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Cisco Certified CCNA, and tons of other certifications.

I started out in online gaming as a low limit poker grinder. I started playing poker about 9 years ago online, and turned $200 into about $5000 in about 6 months. I have become very proficient at Sit and Go tournaments. I bought 3 dell 2001fps 20" flat screen monitors, and was thinking about playing about 50 tourneys a day and quitting my job. I still play at PokerStars at the 15+1 turbos.

I soon read something about playing online casinos that had bonuses with a positive expected value. I decided to take $300 and investigate a few of these casinos. After the first year that $300 turned into 10K.

I was telling all kinds of people about this system. Many did not believe me, or did not care. At about the 3 month mark I was already up 5k. People started getting interested. I made a site for a friend to use. I went to the casinos and signed up as an affiliate. After a month or so, he was up about $2500. I started writing down trip reports to add to the site. I only like to play the blackjack sites, and that was all I wrote down. Casinodave.com was born.

The more I learned about being a webmaster, the more I wanted to quit my job to do it full time. I tried a bunch of things and they worked. If I had enough time to try all my ideas, I could make a zillion dollars.

I started learning more and more about websites, ranking in google, links, and started building non-gambling related websites. The results were good, but it was too boring for me. This is around the same time I started looking into sportsbooks online.

I spent a couple of months learning everything I could about handicapping. I found all kinds of things I never knew before. I decided I would invest some money to see what would happen. It is 5 months later, I turned $300 into 8k, and I am still going strong.

I started doing some hardcore research on trends, statistical analysis, and every angle there was available. I wanted to develop my own systems. So far so good. Every one that I have found and tried has worked out very well.

I decided that I wanted to do more with the web, and started posting system play and handicapping picks on the web. I usually post my picks at my sportsbook blog, and keep updated stats. I have 5 new websites, all dedicated to baseball betting and baseball betting systems. 4 of the 5 are making money.

I always had a dream that I would be my own boss and succeed. Now it is a goal that I almost have my hands on. I don't know when this will happen yet, but I am maneuvering to make this happen ASAP.