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College Basketball Live Lines

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College Basketball Lines for Conference and Bracket Tournaments

Update - March 18, 2014: I found a good source for Live Lines that update themselves. This will show you the real time sports odds as well as movements that are color coded to show you when the lines have changed. You can even watch the scores of the games in near real-time. Simply follow the link above and click on the College BK link to view the current lines at Las Vegas bookmakers like Leroys, Mirage, Stratoshpere and more.

You can view the current lines below.

Here is a list of what line each game opened up at. You can use this list to compare to the live lines below. Usually when the line has moved up or down from it's open, it means there has either been some news or there has been some betting for a certain team. A move of a half point is normal. If the line moves a full point or more, it means something is up.

First Four:

6:40PM ET (Dayton, Oh: truTV) - #16 Albany (18-14; -2.5) vs #16 Mount St Mary's (16-16; +2.5)
9:10PM ET (Dayton, Oh: truTV) - #12 Xavier (21-12; -3) vs #12 NC State (21-13; +3)

6:40PM ET (Dayton, Oh: truTV) - #16 Cal Poly (13-19; -2.5) vs #16 Texas Southern (19-14; +2.5)
9:10PM ET (Dayton, Oh: truTV) - #11 Iowa (20-12; -1.5) vs #11 Tennessee (21-12; +1.5)

As you can see, there isn't much separating the First Four teams. The favorites (indicated by the "-" sign) are either perceived to be a little better, they are playing better recently, or more people are betting on that side of the line.

Round of 64:

12:15PM ET (Buffalo, NY: CBS) - #6 Ohio State (25-9; -6) vs #11 Dayton (23-10; +6)
12:40PM ET (Milwaukee, Wi: truTV) - #2 Wisconsin (26-7; -13.5) vs #15 American U. (20-12; +13.5)
1:40PM ET (Orlando, Fl: TBS) - #8 Colorado (23-11; +5.5) vs #9 Pittsburgh (25-9; -5.5)
2:10PM ET (Spokane, Wa: TNT) - #5 Cincinnati (27-6; -2.5) vs #12 Harvard (26-4; +2.5)
2:45PM ET (Buffalo, NY: CBS) - #3 Syracuse (27-5; -13) vs #14 Western Michigan (23-9; +13)
3:10PM ET (Milwaukee, Wi: truTV) - #7 Oregon (23-9; -5.5) vs #10 BYU (23-11; +5.5)
4:10PM ET (Orlando, Fl: TBS) - #1 Florida(32-2) vs #16 TBD
4:40PM ET (Spokane, Wa: TNT) - #4 Michigan State (26-8; -14) vs #13 Delaware (25-9; +14)
6:55PM ET (Buffalo, NY: TBS) - #7 Connecticut (26-8; -4.5) vs #10 Saint Joseph's (24-9; +4.5)
7:10PM ET (Milwaukee, Wi: CBS) - #2 Michigan (25-8; -16) vs #15 Wofford (20-12; +16)
7:20PM ET (Orlando, Fl: TNT) - #5 Saint Louis (26-6) vs #12 TBD
7:27PM ET (Spokane, Wa: truTV) - #5 Oklahoma (23-9; -3.5) vs #12 North Dakota State (25-6; +3.5)
9:25PM ET (Buffalo, NY: TBS) - #2 Villanova (28-4; -16.5) vs #15 Milwaukee (21-13; +16.5)
9:40PM ET (Milwaukee, Wi: CBS) - #7 Texas (23-10; -1.5) vs #10 Arizona State (21-11; +1.5)
9:50PM ET (Orlando, Fl: TNT) - #4 Louisville (29-5; -16) vs #13 Manhattan (25-7; +16)
9:57PM ET (Spokane, Wa: truTV) - #4 San Diego State (29-4; -7) vs #13 New Mexico State (26-9; +7)

Any line that is over 10 points is usually 95% safe from upset. Occasionally, this turns out not to be true; but it is a good mark that Vegas believes that there will not be an upset happening in the game. The interesting games on the first day are 9 seed Pittsburgh as a 5.5 favorite over Colorado, 5 seed Cincinnati as a 2.5 point favorite over Harvard, 5 seed Oklahoma as a 3.5 point favorite over NDSU, and to a lesser extent 6 seed Ohio State as a 6 point favorite over Dayton. Those are the top upset candidates for Day 1.

12:15PM ET (Raleigh, NC: CBS) - #3 Duke (26-8; -13) vs #14 Mercer (26-8; +13)
12:40PM ET (San Antonio, Tx: truTV) - #6 Baylor (24-11; -3.5) vs #11 Nebraska (19-12; +3.5)
1:40PM ET (St Louis, Mo: TBS) - #7 New Mexico (27-6; -3.5) vs #10 Stanford (21-12; +3.5)
2:10PM ET (San Diego, Ca: TNT) - #1 Arizona (30-4; -20) vs #16 Weber State (19-11; +20)
2:45PM ET (Raleigh, NC: CBS) - #6 Massachusetts (24-8) vs #11 TBD
3:10PM ET (San Antonio, Tx: truTV) - #3 Creighton (26-7; -14) vs #14 LA-Lafayette (23-11; +14)
4:10PM ET (St Louis, Mo: TBS) - #2 Kansas (24-9; -15) vs #15 Eastern Kentucky (24-9; +15)
4:40PM ET (San Diego, Ca: TNT) - #8 Gonzaga (28-6; +2) vs #9 Oklahoma State (21-12; -2)
6:55PM ET (Raleigh, NC: TBS) - #8 Memphis (23-9; -3) vs #9 George Washington (24-8; +3)
7:10PM ET (St Louis, Mo: CBS) - #1 Wichita State (34-0) vs #16 TBD
7:20PM ET (San Antonio, Tx: TNT) - #6 North Carolina (23-9; -4) vs #11 Providence (23-11; +4)
7:27PM ET (San Diego, Ca: truTV) - #5 VCU (26-8; -6.5) vs #12 Stephen F. Austin (31-2; +6.5)
9:25PM ET (Raleigh, NC: TBS) - #1 Virginia (28-6; -21) vs #16 Coastal Carolina (21-12; +21)
9:40PM ET (St Louis, Mo: CBS) - #8 Kentucky (24-10; -5) vs #9 Kansas State (20-12; +5)
9:50PM ET (San Antonio, Tx: TNT) - #3 Iowa State (26-7; -8.5) vs #14 North Carolina Central (28-5; +8.5)
9:57PM ET (San Diego, Ca: truTV) - #4 UCLA (26-8; -9.5) vs #13 Tulsa (21-12; +9.5)

The one that jumps out at me immediately is the 3 seed Iowa State as only an 8.5 point favorite over NC Central. The other 3's are 13 or 14 point favorites. This would lead me to believe that if there was going to be a 14 over a 3 this year, it would be this game. Also, I would have figured that UNC would have been more than a 4 point favorite over Providence; that may be a game to watch out for as well. However, I don't think that VCU will be upset by SF Austin, which is a lot of people's pick for a 12 vs 5 upset.

Quick guide: George Washington is a +3 or 3 point underdog. You have to bet $110 to win $100 on the spread (-110). If you bet the Moneyline, you can win $135 on a bet of $100 (+135).

Memphis is a -3 or 3 point favorite. You have to bet $110 to win $100 on the spread (-110). If you bet the Moneyline, you have to bet $155 to win $100 (-155). The Total is the Over/Under on the combined points scored by both teams during the game.

Take a look at the live lines below. I always question any game where more than 80% of the betting on the spread goes one way. I have seen these lines get busted all too often. Usually, the casual bettor places bets on the favorite to beat the spread. The seasoned bettors will take the underdog. The percentage of bets only indicated the percentage of the number of wagers that are bet on one side and not the total amount of dollars bet on each side. This can indicate that there are one or more very large bets on the underdog.

Check Live Lines Now

Here are the Live basketball lines at BetUS Sportsbook:

The lines on these basketball games may be slightly different by a half or full point in comparison to other bookmakers. But, the thing I like about these live lines is that you have the Point Spread, Money Line and Total for every game. There is also a percentage next to the Spread to let you know who more people are placing wagers on.

You may have to scroll down the page because BetUS combines the NBA and college games under the basketball live lines.

When betting on the College Basketball Tournament, I always find it useful to monitor the lines. On this page, I will share one of my favorite sports betting tools, the live line checker. This line monitor not only shows points spread game lines, but also money line and over/under lines.

College Basketball Betting screen shot
College Basketball Bracket Picks moved to here.

This line tracker is specifically made for the the college basketball tournament, and is pretty close to live tracking. The lines may change from hour to hour based on the number of people betting on one side. Usually, the change in the point spread will happen a half point at a time.

Conference Tournament basketball games should also show up in there if you visit before the real tournament starts. The logo links directly to the sportsbook.

You do not need to refresh the screen. Simply click the Basketball link at the top of the BetUS Betting Lines to update the chart.


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