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NCAA Football Bowl Lines

Bovada offers betting on all of the college football bowl games. Here are the current lines that are being offered at Bovada sportsbook (these lines are subject to change so check back soon or click on the banner below to visit Bovada and see the latest lines)

Below is an example line that I can show you so you can understand how this works.


You can see the time that the game will be played at the top. Under that are the teams that will be involved. Next to that is a percentage; this percentage box will be next to one of the two teams. This denotes what percentage of people bet on one team over another. In this case, BYU has 64% of the bets. The box gets more red the higher the percentage get.

Next to that is the current line - The UTEP Miners are getting 11 1/2 points. This means that for betting purposes UTEP starts the game up 11 1/2 to 0. If you bet on UTEP, they have to come within 11 points in order for you to win on your bet - Lets say that the score ends up BYU 28 - UTEP 17, you would win on your bet.

Next to the line is another number: -110. This is what you would have to bet in order to win $100. If you see a + symbol next to the number, it means that you can bet $100 to win the number shown.

If you look on the right side of the line you will see a +50 and O -110 and U - 110. This is the over/under bet. To win the over, the total score has to be higher than 50 points. Otherwise the under will win. Both the over and under are $110 to win $100.

Bodog Sportsbook College Bowl Game Lines

Here is another live line that you can look at. This one is from Bodog Sportsbook. The reason that I am showing you two sets of live lines is so you can compare the two. Let's me pick out the Hawaii Bowl which features Tulsa vs Hawaii. As I am writing this Bodog has the line at -11 for Hawaii. BetUS has Hawaii at -10.

What's the big deal? Let's say you wanted to bet on Hawaii. Wouldn't you rather take the -10 spread? If the score ends up 28-17, you would push on your bet at Bodog and win on your bet at BetUS. The opposite holds true if you want to bet on Tulsa. In that case, you want Tulsa to get as many points as you can.


You are here - Home -> College Football Contests -> NCAA College Bowl Lines