Money Management for College Football

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We all have different ways that we handicap college football but for each of us the bottom line will always come back to money management. Whether you pick your own games, or if you follow a service, the key factor will be how you handle your wagers and how you manage your money. How many times have we picked more winners than losers for a college football Saturday but still ended up on the losing side of the ledger? I know I am as guilty as anyone sometimes when it comes to poor money management.

College football is a very exciting time of the year because Saturday’s are so busy with a full slate of games. The NCAA betting lines are no different than the NFL betting lines; it's just a matter of doing a little more research since there are so many more games to choose between. Let’s break down a few things that can help us maintain our discipline when it comes to money management and college football betting.

The first thing we need to decide as we start our discussion on college football money management is how many games to play. This first part is really debated between professional bettors around the world. Some of them really believe that you should be very selective and play just your top plays of the day. The other camp believes that high volume is the way to go and that any time you have an edge you should play the game.

The question we want to ask ourselves is this, do we want to win 60 percent on our very few bets, or do we want to win between 54 and 55 percent of a high volume of plays? If we do the math, the better way for us to make profits during a long season is to play a large number of plays if we are confident we can hit around 55 percent. The higher volume of plays results in making more money but the big problem with this way of playing games is that we run into streaks.

It is very difficult to withstand those bad Saturdays that we know will come along. The ups and downs are very difficult for most bettors to withstand. We may have a nice 12-8 or 13-7 one Saturday but have a 7-13 or 8-12 Saturday the next. Those difficult Saturdays are really tough to swallow because we always press harder to make up for the losses. If you have the discipline, playing a large number of games will make you more money in the long run. Most of us don’t have that type of willpower, including myself. I know that I love to play a lot of games but I really get upset with a bad day and that can cause my money management skills to really be tested.

So while the math will show us that playing a large number of games will make us more money, I recommend we play just our strongest games because it is easier to maintain our money management discipline.

Betting with Discipline

If we are looking at playing a smaller percentage of games for a busy college football Saturday then we need to increase the size of our wagers. We still need to keep the percentage of our bankroll at a reasonable level so that we don’t get carried away, but it is advantageous to up the size of our wagers in relation to the confidence level of our play.

Some bettors use the star system or unit system to rate their plays. Most use a rating that goes from 2 stars up to 10 stars with that last rating being a play of the year. Most of their plays on an average football Saturday are rated between 4-6 stars. I like this type of rating with a little bit of modification. A solid strong play would be 5 stars, and would be on average, about 5 percent of the bankroll.

A very strong play would be in the 8 percent range and it is really rated highly. I also am not one to get stuck into playing just one way. Let’s say that I lost my first three 5 star plays of the day and had a strong play or two left at night. I would probably increase the size of my wagers late to make up for the earlier losses.

Another option to consider for those busy college football Saturdays is a limited martingale. The experts always frown on the martingale because it asks you to double up after a loss and can result in big losses if you fall into a bad streak. I keep it limited to a three game martingale. If I lose that first strong play I double up on the next one. If that loses I double up again, not only to cover the first two losses, but also to give myself a profit for the day. It has its risks but it can also bail you out of a rotten day. This type of wagering strategy is something to consider and to add to your money management arsenal.

When it comes to money management for college football we have a lot of different options. Look at your own strengths and weaknesses and come up with something that fits your wagering style. Some of the ideas I stated should help you in that process. And as always, when you get that gut feeling, go with it.


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