An Overview of eCOGRA

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eCOGRA. The name may sound a bit strange for some and others might confuse it as an economic or ecological organization, but actually, eCOGRA is a bit far from that. eCOGRA stands for e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance. eCOGRA is actually an organization that regulates online games (specifically online gambling) that was established back in 2002 by and Microgaming. eCOGRA is a non-profit organization and certifies different web sites for safe online gambling. To know if a website has been certified or approved by eCOGRA, find the organization’s “Safe and Fair” seal displayed on the website. It is important for this organization to be an independent authority on gaming standards online, and in fact, the organization specifically checks for player protection, proper operator conduct, and fair gaming in the web sites that it approves.


eCOGRA and Online Casinos

As of now, eCOGRA has certified over a hundred casino web sites, including Microgaming casinos and’s Casino-On-Net and about twenty-five poker sites, again including Microgaming’s different poker sites,’s Pacific Poker, and some sites under the Bwin’s Ongame network. Since eCOGRA is a non-profit organization, its funds come from the members of its software suppliers.


Facts and Controversies

But like any other organization or regulating body, there have been many complaints filed against eCOGRA’s approved casinos and poker rooms. These complaints are formally filed to eCOGRA through eCOGRA’s web site wherein there is a dispute form (players engage in a dispute mediation service through the organization). According to eCOGRA itself, there have been more than 400 complaints filed every year wherein a few are rejected (labeled as “invalid”). The rest are resolved in two ways - in favor of the player (complainant) and against the player. Fair enough, a 50-50 chance is gotten every time a complaint is filed. The online gaming regulatory body also provides a very professional “Fair Gaming Advocate” who may somewhat serve as an attorney for the player who has complained.