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I tend to think of sleeper picks in fantasy football as players that we can draft much lower then their value indicates. Most people view sleepers as players that no one else has heard of that they hope bust on to the fantasy football scene.

Most of these types second type of sleepers should be on the waiver wire when the draft is over. If you have someone in mind like this, try to stay away from drafting them. The chance of them panning out into a real steal is not worth the value of some picks that are still available. The chance of them staying on the waiver wire until the first week is over is pretty high as well. Keep an eye on a these guys during the season, but not at the draft.

Along these similar lines I think fantasy football busts are picks that are taken too high for what the players value is. It is hard to think of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady as busts, but when they are taken as high as they are in the draft below it is a little easier to see what I am talking about.

A lot of times what happens is that everyone reads all about sleepers and busts for fantasy football, and the player gets so hyped that he is now taken way before he should have been. Now this sleeper has a greater potential to be a bust.

2012 Busts

RBs - Darren McFadden, Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson

QBs - Michael Vick, Phillip Rivers, Peyton Manning

WRs - Victor Cruz, Dwayne Bowe, DeSean Jackson

TEs - Antonio Gates, Jason Witten

2012 Sleepers

RBs - BenJarvis Green-Ellis, Darren Sproles, Cedric Benson

QBs - Eli Manning, Robert Griffin III, Jay Cutler

WRs - Vincent Jackson, Malcolm Floyd, Kenny Britt

TEs - Vernon Davis