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If you are looking to set up a private or public bracket pool, I have several different options for you to check out. These include creating a group at a major contest's website or creating your own pool at a website that offers the bracket contest software.

Creating a group at a large contest

This will probably be the easier option for a lot of people. You can set up a group at CBS Sports, ESPN, Yahoo, NBC Sports or Once you have created the group, make sure that you set up the appropriate parameters. This includes a group password, private/public setting and number of brackets allowed to name a few.

Once you have done this, you will need to invite people to your tournament. They will be able to find you by searching for you Group Name, or you can send them a direct link (or a shortened link on twitter).

The good thing about these contests is that they have tiebreakers already in place and you do not need to worry what happens if two people tie for one of the top places in the tournament.

If you are going to Lock the group, make sure to do so before 11:45 PM ET on Thursday before the first game tips off (in most cases). After that, if you don't lock the group, there is nothing that you can do to prevent people from swapping in and out brackets.

Creating a group using special bracket software

If you would like to set up a more professional looking bracket tournament, then I would suggest using one of the many different Pool software creators. I have a couple to suggest:,,,,,, and Upickem.

You can see examples of many of these pools in the Local Contest list. Many of the newspapers, radio stations and other companies use one of these pool software to host their bracket contest.

You are here - Home -> College Basketball Tournament 2014 -> College Basketball Bracket Pools