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Slots and slots online are the most popular games in land-based and online casinos respectively. The reasons for them being so popular are quite diverse: they require no special skills, people can play them on really low denominations, so they are generally regarded as the safest way to enjoy some “innocent” gambling.

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Being as popular as they are, both online slot machines and their live counterpart are inevitably surrounded by a series of myths and misconceptions, some of which we shall try to dissect in this article.

Myth no 1: there are no tight or loose slots. The thing is, some slots are set to lower payout rates than others, so that basically means that some slot machines are indeed looser than others. Slot machines that are set to be “tighter” are usually tourist traps. Real gamblers who play in a casino on a regular basis, know which slots pay out better.

Myth no 2: A player just hits it big on a machine you played at. This means you could’ve taken that jackpot if you had stayed around a bit longer.

Don’t get frustrated on account of his theory, because there is no real basis for it. Every spin on a fair slot machine, is completely independent from all the other spins that happened before.

Myth no 3: The casino can “shut down” a slot machine, at the touch of a button by tightening it up. This is nonsense. Modifications to the slot machine cannot be made by the entity that operates them. If the casino wants to modify a machine in any way, they have to call out the representative of the manufacturer and have him make it. If they decide to tamper with the machine themselves, a Gaming Commission representative has to be present to approve. If a casino breaks the above rules, chances are it’ll have its license revoked which would be the definition of the perfect disaster for the company. The risks involved far outweigh the advantages they would gain through tampering with the nickel and dime machines, so they won’t do it.


Myth no 4: if a mechanic does open the machine you’re playing at, it will stop paying out, because it somehow gets reset. Not true. A machine is usually opened with the aim of refilling the coins, and it doesn’t mean anything in terms of gameplay. As soon as it’s restarted, it continues right where it left off.


Myth no 5: higher denominations machines pay out better than quarter ones (which are the most popular) Again, an erroneous theory. Higher denomination machines pay out more often indeed, which is probably the reason why this myth came to life in the firstplace. The only problem is, these payouts are much smaller compared to the coin-denomination that you play. All slot machines are programmed with pay-out percentages. They will stick to that, no matter how seldom or often they hit.


Myth no 6: you’ve stuffed the machine full of money for a long time, you deserve to win and you should win any minute now.

Whether you deserve to win or not, is none of the machine’s concern. It will stick to its program and the payout percentage it has to respect, no matter what. It doesn’t keep track of how much money a certain person puts into it.


Myth no 7: becoming a member in a slot club is good value because the machines pay out better when they run on slot cards. Being a slot club member is indeed beneficial, but it’s not because of the better payout. A slot machine cannot tell the difference between running on a card or on coins. Again, it will stick to its program, and work its usual payout percentage., the best source for the best rakeback offers on the internet !