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Because of the fact that they do not require any special abilities or knowledge to operate, and probably because they look like they provide some innocent gambling fun, free of the temptations of the high-stakes table games, over time, slot machines have become the most popular means of gambling for the everyday man.

I think that it is important to have a slot machine strategy as far as how you are going to bet on a particular slot machine. You have to realize that while it may be fun to play 100 different slot machines you will do better with your money if you sit down a "master" a slot machine. And by master, I mean that you have made enough spins to get a good understanding of how often certain events happen. If the odds are that a large payline win is overdue, you may have the experience to know that a bonus round or free spins or a large payout is coming.

The object of having a strategy is to get yourself mentally prepared and to have a goal or series of goals to accomplish. You ideally want to change your bet per spin to match what is happening on the reels. This means betting small when the reels go through a 20 spin drought and betting larger when you get several large payouts in a 10 spin flurry. This is all subjective and often doesn't work, but it works more often than not paying attention and endlessly spinning.

Since the first slot machine has been invented, these relentless providers of cheap gambling thrills have gone through quite a few changes.

Nowadays, most of them are computer-operated random number generators, and they’re present in greater numbers than ever in land-based and online slots. As slot machines evolved, it appeared that the number of strategic options involved in playing them, continuously dwindled.

Nowadays, a casual observer may safely state that there’s no strategy involved in playing a slot machine at all: you just pull the lever and you wait for the result.

We gamblers though, know it’s not that simple. In today’s increasingly competitive world of online gambling, every single bit of advantage matters, no matter how tiny it may be. If you look at things that way, you’ll see that there are a whole bunch of strategy options available to slots players as well.

First off: you can choose the slot machine you play at. If you think the machine you play is irrelevant, you might want to know that you’re passing on a huge edge right there. Slot machine selection will critically influence your win-loss percentage because of the following factors:

The number of reels on the machine.

The fewer reels there are, the better the odds for catching a same-symbol line. You should always look to play 3-reelers instead of the more complicated and possibly more attractive bigger slots. Mind you though, that the winning percentage is also dependant on the number of winning lines.

The more winning lines/combinations a machine allows, the better it is to play it.

Basically, what you need to look for is a machine that comes closes to the ideal: fewest reels, most winning combinations.

Always play max coins

The more coins you pay, the bigger positive expected value you’ll have for the top jackpots, that’s why you should always play max coins. If for a three-reeler, the top jackpot gives you $300 for one coin, it’ll give you more than $1000 for three coins. That is more than triple, so it’s basically a good little edge hidden right there.

Also, when you play progressive slots, you should always play max coins too. In case you hit the jackpot, you want to get full value, don’t you?

Try to make use of the “double up” symbols some slot machines use.

These symbols are “wild”, meaning that they can be substituted to any other symbol in a line. Naturally, they’ll raise the odds, but you should also know that such slot machines are not exactly easy to find. This is the reason why you should carefully read all the available information on every type of slots game before you actually begin pulling the lever in an online casino.

Bankroll management is another important aspect of the game.

As in most gambling games, you need to play for some time until the true nature of the game kicks in. While online slots bear a house-edge, you still want to give yourself a chance to hang around long-enough to take advantage of the variance.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to winning at slots, than just pulling the lever on any random machine and hoping to win.

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