Poker Overview

Online Poker

I've been a fan of online poker for about 7 years now. There hasn't really been much focus towards poker on this website. This is primarily because I was more interested in online blackjack, specifically the bonuses, and decided to focus CasinoDave in that direction.

I have made a page of some of the best poker bonuses that I've found. Although, it should be warned that these poker bonuses are achieved through playing a lot of hands or sit and go tournaments and are usually given to you little by little over time. These bonuses do work just fine, all I'm saying is that you better be pretty good and plan to win on your own because the bonus money given to you just makes up for the rake and tournaments fee that they are taking from you.

If you don't think you are good enough to play online poker, you can always check out the poker tips found here to try and improve your game. One very easy suggestion that I have for any online poker player is to slow down and think about what the other people are doing. Who's folding, who's calling, who's raising, who's protecting their big blind, etc. Find that out and classify your opponents and you will be much more successful overall. Here is another poker strategy to read.

One of the things that has become popular recently is poker merchandise. I have been meaning to update this page for a while, but you can still find just about anything you would be looking for.

Different Poker Variations

I have always been a big fan of learning different variations of poker. The first game I learned was 5 card draw when I was about 5. Then came 7 card stud and later on I got into Texas Hold'em a little before the crowd in the late 90's. Any game that came along after that was a game that I at least had to know a little.

I've learned dozens of poker garage games and other variations. Someday, I will try to create guides and strategies for all the different poker games that you can play online.

Casino Poker Games

One of the things that I really enjoyed learning and I'm in the process of mastering are all of the casino variations of poker games that are out there. I think that the most popular one would be video poker.

This was one of the first games I ever played at a casino when I was 19. The thing that makes me upset with casinos and video poker is that they lowered the Full House and Flush payouts from 15 to 1 and 9 to 1 down to 9 to 1 and 6 to 1. I think that is crap, but I still do play from time to time.

The second game that I love to play at the casino especially is Pai Gow Poker. If you've never played pai gow at the casino with other players then you really haven't played the game. One of the main advantages you get is the opportunity to be the Banker and play your hand up against everyone else.

The other two popular casino poker games that I really like are Caribbean stud poker and three card poker. Caribbean stud definitively has the chance for the biggest win. If you bet the progressive and get a royal flush, you can win $100,000 or more.