Sports Betting Overview

Sports Betting

I originally only had a sports betting blog which is still up and around and in need of updating. I'm planning on doing a bunch of work on the blog around the start of MLB season.

As far as sports betting goes, I've had about 15 years of experience and have much of this experience in MLB, NBA and NFL betting. If you are novice at sports betting, read the three articles linked from this sports betting tips page. These are the three fundamental things that you need to know before you get serious about doing any betting.

Are you looking for different resources for sports betting? Check out these sports betting resources. The Baseball Betting Systems will be updated closer to the start of opening day in MLB.

If you are ready to play, take a look at some of these different sportsbook bonuses that are currently being offered. I'm always looking for new places to add, but these have been some of my favorites.

March College Basketball Madness Contests

This is the hot topic of conversation and will remain so until around the end of the month. As of this update, the 2013 college basketball tournament is going to begin in less than a day now. Do you have the right teams selected. Take a look at my tournament predictions for 2013. I give you an idea of how of the process that I go through in order to make my predictions. I have compiled the first round data over the past 5 years to show you the likelihood of an upset.

Which 5 seed is going to be upset by a 12 and who's going to be the Cinderella team this year. If you get lucky or if you really have a great college basketball IQ, sign up to one or more of these bracket contests.

You will not be able to actually sign up for some of these tournaments until after the brackets are revealed of course. Once Selection Sunday comes and goes, you will only have less than 4 days to complete and submit your brackets. Make sure you have any bracket for any 64 team bracket tournament in before noon Eastern Time on Thursday, March 21st.

Did you bracket get busted right away? Don't give up and stop watching. Go to the contest page. It will be updated throughout the tournament with new contests such as 16 and 8 team brackets that start after the first weekend of games.

Take a look at some of the different college basketball promotions that some of the sportsbooks are offering. These promotions include reduced juice for college basketball games between now and the end of the main tournament. You can always check out live college basketball betting lines here.

Are you interested in seeing what your teams odds are of winning? Take a look at the college basketball team championship odds. Root your team on all the way to the Championship Weekend.

NFL Fantasy Football

All the games have been played and there's not much to look forward to with the NFL besides free agency, the draft and your favorite team's preseason until mid to late August. The 2013 season of fantasy football will not be posted or updated until about late July to early August.

Any earlier than that and the information really doesn't mean a whole lot yet. The most important things to keep in mind and research are the possible fantasy starters who move teams.

I've been compiling a lot of data over the past couple years worth of fantasy football drafts that I think will make some of my picks superior to even the "experts". The bulk of this information has to do with a players fantasy football draft average draft position in comparison to where there they finished the season in points. Also important things like starters on new teams, last year's major player injuries and current depth charts will be posted.

For the past three years, I have provided a free fantasy football cheat sheet and I will do so again this year as the fantasy football drafts approach. I'm going to try to make something a little more practical to print off and use during your draft, but I can't make any promises on that yet.

One of the things that I like to do during my draft is determine what I would like to do with my first 5 picks. Do you want 1 QB, 2RB, 2WR? How do you want to draft them. Now I'm in multiple leagues so I try to mix it up a little.

I still find that RB and WR are the most important positions to have. The quarterback can often throw a lot of TDs and get you to the playoffs, but often if you don't have excellent players backing him up you might be let down in the playoffs when Drew Brees loses to Tampa Bay.

Once you decide how you want to attack the draft, take a look at the rankings that I put out for the different fantasy football positions. I will post the positional rankings some time in early to mid August as information for depth charts becomes available.

College Football Bowl Pick'em Contests and Pools

We now have a section dedicated to college football bowl contests and office pools. Take a look at the numerous contests that you can enter either for free or ones that cost a little bit of money to enter. Most of the free contests usually have massive amounts of people playing them so the prizes offered are a long shot to win. That doesn't mean that you can't have some fun though. For the contests that offers groups, I've set up a group and these groups are open to the public.

I've tried to include several different money contests as well. You have to read the individual contests to see the details. One that I like is the office pools offered at 5dimes. These are $10 entry pools where the winner takes all. They start two of these pools just about every day after the start of the bowl season. If you miss a couple of bowl games, don't worry. You only have to pick the games that haven't been played yet.

I have also created a couple of pages on the college bowl games. Take a look at the 2012/13 college football bowl schedule. I have the current overall percentages that people have picked in the straight pick'em leagues. I also briefly go through my thoughts about disliking having more than 30 bowl games.

The other page that I have created is one that has the current lines for the bowl season from two separate sportsbooks: Bovada and 5Dimes. If you are unfamiliar to line betting, I have the explanation of what the numbers on the line mean.