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Video Poker Tips

ALWAYS PLAY MAX COINS. It is always better to play five 1 dollar tokens instead of one 5 dollar token. All of the big jackpots that you can win are only possible if you play the max coins. This is true for video poker, slot machines, and any other coin based game.

When you first start out, you may want to try the game in "play" or "fun" mode so you can get the hang of it.

When you first start out, you may want to make the coin size as small as possible. This reduces the amount of variance quite a bit.

I should have some more video poker reviews up on in the near future.

Play Video Poker for Fun

Video Poker Strategy:

After being dealt your opening 5 cards when playing Video Poker, find all the listed ways you can play your hand. Select the way that is listed highest, assuming more than one option is available.

1. Four of a kind, straight flush, royal flush
2. 4 to a royal flush
3. Three of a kind, straight, flush, full house
4. 4 to a straight flush
5. Two pair
6. High pair
7. 3 to a royal flush
8. 4 to a flush
9. Low pair
10. 4 to an outside straight
11. 2 suited high cards
12. 3 to a straight flush
13. 2 unsuited high cards (if more than 2 pick then pick lowest 2)
14. Suited 10/J, 10/Q, or 10/K
15. One high card
16. Discard everything

A high card is a J, Q, K, or A.

An outside straight is an open ended straight the can be completed with 2 cards. For example 5,6,7,8 where a 4 or 9 will complete the straight.

An inside straight is a straight draw missing an inside card. For example 4,5,7,8 where a 6 is needed to complete the straight. Please also keep in mind that A,2,3,4 and J,Q,K,A are also considered inside straight draws since straights cannot rollover either high or low.

Don't get too scared of this list. It is the correct video poker strategy, but often times you will not see many of these. Most if not all of the software will automatically select the cards if they already are winners. For example, if you have 2 kings, it will hold the two kings for you. If you have 2 pair, it will hold the two pair for you, and so forth. When you do not have a winner, most often you will have a low pair, two high cards, or one high card. After you play video poker for a while you will see what I am talking about. This is why I suggest you play in "fun" mode first.

What to Watch out for

The main thing that you want to be aware of when playing video poker is the payout schedule. This will vary from game to game as you will see below. For Jacks or Better, you want to make sure that a straight flush is 50x payout, a 4 of a Kind is 25x payout, the Full House is 9x payout and the Flush is 6x payout. Those are the three that I have most often seen manipuated at a casino that is trying to gain more of an edge.


Take a look at this pay schedule that I have seen at a casino that used to be legitimate: Cherry Red Casino. This entire C-Planet group (Rushmore Casino, Pure Vegas Casino, Slots Oasis and Slotsville) have gone rogue and I no longer advise you play there. This is the most blatent example that I can find. The Full House is 6x instead of 9x and the Flush is 5x.

In the 90's, the video poker machines would payout 15x for a Full House and 9x for a Flush; but, professionals were able to take advantage of this and consistantly profit so the payouts were lowered to their current 9x and 6x payouts.

Different Video Poker Games

You will see many different types of video poker games. Many casinos offer more versions of video poker than you knew existed. However, you will find that many of these games are in one of the following formats:

1. No Wildcards - Jacks or Better win
2. One Wildcard (Joker) - Kings or Better win
3. Two Wildcards (2 Jokers) - Two Pairs or Better to win
4. Four Wildcards (52 card deck) - Three of a Kind or Better to win
5. Five Wildcards (53 card deck) - Three of a Kind or Better to win

There are a couple of exceptions to this. I have also seen 10's or Better video poker as well as Kings or Better video poker. But, as you will see, there is very little difference in strategy for any game that is in the same group above.

For example, let's go to the RTG video poker games and see the No Wildcard games:

Jacks or Better

This is the traditional jacks or better game. From here, you are going to see that the Pay Table will change slightly from game to game; however, the game will always payout when a pair of Jacks or Better are achieved.

Aces and Eights

Aces and Eights is the second most popular version of this style of game. If a casino offers both this and Jacks or Better, the paytables are going to be the only thing that is different. The overall effect is that the payout will be higher for a certain hand or hands and the payout will be lower for other hand(s).

If you would like to play different video poker games, then you must know which hand will payout more and slightly augment the basic strategy to try to get that bonus when you have the chance.

In Aces and Eights, you will see that there is a Bonus for getting 4 Aces, 4 Eights or 4 Sevens. The consequence to this is that the Flush only pays out 5x instead of 6x and the Full House pays out 8x instead of 9x.

Bonus Poker

This is very similar to Aces and Eights. The 4 of the kinds of Aces, 2, 3 and 4 receive a Bonus. The Full House and Flush are 8x and 5x.

All American Poker

In this game, the Straight Flush has a huge bonus and most hands have payouts either higher or lower than Jacks or Better. The most notable is that two pairs is 1 to 1 payout. The Full House, Flush and Straight all have 8 to 1 payouts.

Bonus Poker Deluxe

This game has a bonus for All 4 of a Kinds (80 to 1 payout). The consequence is that the Full House is 8 to 1 payout and Two Pair is 1 to 1 payout.

Double Bonus Poker

This is one that I like to play. The Two Pair is only 1 to 1, but the Straight (5x), Flush (7x) and Full House (10x) are all up 1x. 4 of a Kinds also have a bonus.

Double Double Bonus Poker

Two Pairs are only 1 to 1. Four of a Kinds are the bonus payouts. This is split into 5 different 4 of a Kind categories.

Double Jackpot Poker

Full House and Flush are down 1x (8x and 5x), 4 of a Kind 2 through 10 is down to 20x payout. There are 4 different bonuses for 4 of a Kind Jack through Ace.

Double Double Jackpot Poker

Two Pairs are only 1 to 1 payout. Straights are up to 5x payout. There are 5 different 4 of a Kind bonuses.

Mystery Bonus Video Poker

The payout chart will change after each hand. You will see the bonus for one of the Hands on the payout chart. However, the other payouts are less than Jacks or Better.

These are by no means the only video poker games that are offered. Just make sure that you know which payout is higher and which payout is lower than Jacks or Better.
If you have any doubts, just start off with Jacks or Better so you can develop your own strategy.

As far as the video poker games with Wild Cards such as Joker Poker, Double Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, 7s Wild and Deuces and Joker video poker, I will be creating a new page soon with a strategy for these video poker games.

Video Poker Bonuses

Video Poker is a casino game that is closely linked to blackjack as far as casino bonuses goes. Most bonuses that allow Blackjack will allow Video Poker and vise versa. The Rollover may be slightly better than blackjack, but many times they have the same wagering requirement.

Below is a list of online casinos that offer a casino bonus for playing Video Poker:

Casino Software Cashable? Percentage Max Bonus Min Deposit Bonus Code
WinPalace Casino RTG Sticky 200% $1,000 $21 PALACEWELCOME
30x Rollover for All Games except Excluded Games and the following: 120x rollover for Video Poker, Blackjack, Perfect Pairs, Texas Hold'em Bonus and Multi Hand Video Poker. Excluded Games - Baccarat, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Roulette, Sic Bo. Other Bonuses - ULTIMATEWIN (High Roller - $750 min deposit - Same rules as above) WINVP ($500 Max bonus - bonus works 10 times)
Bovada Casino RTG Cash 100% $200 $20 CASINO200
Cashable Bonus - There is an 80x rollover for all games (including video poker). Games that do not count towards rollover: Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Sic Bo, Single Deck, Double Deck Blackjack, or Blackjack in Poker client.
Lucky Red Casino RTG Sticky 100% $1,000 $20 LUCKYRED100
50x Rollover on All Games (including video poker) except Excluded (Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Sic Bo, War). Redeposit bonus - OTHERGAMES55 - get a 55% bonus up to $1,000 - 42x Rollover
Cool Cat Casino RTG Sticky 400% $4,000 $30 COOL400
60x on Video Poker, Blackjack, Other Blackjack games, Tri Card, Let 'em Ride, Casino Poker games, Red Dog - 15x Rollover on Slots, Progressive Slots, Keno; 20x on Specialty Games that aren't excluded. Excluded Games - Baccarat, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Pontoon, Roulette, Sic Bo, War.
15x Max Withdrawal on deposit (Deposit $500 - Max Withdrawal $7,500)
Las Vegas USA RTG Cash 150% $3,000 $20 (automatic)
50x Rollover on Video Poker, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud, Multi Video Poker, Perfect Pairs - 30x Rollover on Slots, Progressive Slots, Keno, Let 'em Ride, Casino Poker games, Red Dog, Pai Gow, War. Games that don't count towards rollover: Other Blackjack Games, Tri Card Poker, Pontoon, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Sic Bo, Caribbean Hold'em, Three Card Rummy.
All Star Slots RTG Sticky 100% $787 $20 ALLSTAR2
50x Rollover on All Games (including video poker) except the Excluded Games: Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Sic Bo.